Rolaids Recalls Over The Years

Why Were Rolaids Recalled?

In 2010, Johnson & Johnson recalled 13 million packages of Rolaids. The recall resulted from reports of metal and wood particles found in the product. Several adverse reactions were reported from the incident, including vomiting, tooth injury, and an unusual taste.

An additional Rolaids recall occurred prior to this incident when there were consumer reports of an unusual musty odor in some Rolaids. This odor was associated with gastrointestinal issues that were deemed non-serious.

The Aftermath

After the Rolaid recalls, the product nearly disappeared for store shelves. Following the incident, a full investigation was conducted to understand what caused the issue. All rolaids included in the recalls were properly disposed of.

In 2013, Rolaids began to make their way back into the market. Now, seven years after the Johnson & Johnson Rolaids recall, you can easily find the indigestion and heartburn tablets at your local convenient store.

What is a Recall?

A recall occurs when a company’s product is taken off of the market because it is deemed defective or harmful. Sometimes, a company discovers a problem with its product, and recalls the item on its own. In other cases, however, the FDA raises concerns, prompting a recall.

Nearly any product can be recalled, including food, dietary supplements, furniture, medication, vehicles and more. If you have a product that has been recalled, you can request to return it or have the problem resolved.

How Common are Recalls?

Product recalls are certainly not uncommon. If you are wondering how you can find out if a product you own has been recalled, visit, where you can sign up for recall email alerts.

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